December 1st, 2017 Mindex Releases Version 15.2 of schooltool

Mindex released the latest version of its student management software, schooltool, on December 1. This update includes feature updates, as well as multiple changes to address New York State reporting.

A number of modifications throughout schooltool support the SSEC discipline changes that were previously released this fall. These changes allow users to easily locate students based on SSEC offenses, including changes to the Discipline batch term, modifications to At Risk View in Counseling, and new custom export fields.

Counselors now have the ability to unlock marking period grades for individual teachers for a certain time period, allowing teachers who are past the deadline for grade submissions to make changes. Teachers can submit a request to have their grades for a course section unlocked, and counselors will approve the request and can set a time deadline for the grades to close.

Teachers can also submit course recommendations for students on their current roster via their My Home > Classes > Recommendations. A Mass Enter Course Recommendation system is also available. A submission window can be set in Maintenance.

A new Course Attendance dashboard has been added for schooltool Premier users to view period attendance for each school year.

Google Login is now available for the mobile app.

For more information on the 15.2 release, customers can view Feature Documentation and Release Notes on the Knowledge Base. The next schooltool release will be in early 2018.