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The SchoolTool difference...

We're 100% Web-Based

Whether you’re at school, home, or abroad, you will maintain the same functionality securely, with no special configuration, licensing, or software needs.


All of your data, PK-12, is accessible for those that need to see it. This does away with building-to-building migration, duplication of data, and extensive year-end rollover procedures.


Our application enables districts to store student history for attendance, discipline, addresses, contacts, and more. All historical data is easily accessible by everyone who needs it.


Any change made by a user in the district is immediately available to everyone. Attendance data, student referrals, submitted grades, demographic changes...everything!

An Eye to the Future

Student and faculty schedules, grading intervals, and many other areas in SchoolTool can be configured for future years at any time; you no longer need to wait until the school year ends to perform these tasks.

Impeccable Support

Our support team is comprised of experienced individuals that are accessible 24/7. They can be reached through our online support site or our support manager. We can even come to you if you need us.

Customized for every user

  • Modules
  • Home
  • Securities
  • Links
  • Modules

    A system of hierarchical modules is used to reflect individuals' roles within the district. Attendance, discipline, medical, transportation, scheduling, and counseling are each represented by a module.

  • Home

    Every person's home screen is a convenient starting point for each individual role. Teachers see classes, parents see their children's information, and administrative staff members are provided with a powerful student search screen.

  • Securities

    Individuals can be granted access to everything they need, and nothing more. We recognize that many district personnel wear multiple hats, and rarely does a predefined role fit any one individual; therefore, we let you decide exactly what everyone needs to see.

  • Links

Focus on New York State Schools

NYS Committed

SchoolTool focuses online on New York State schools. Updates from the NYS Department of Education are planned for and built into schooltool, giving administrators exactly the information they need, when and how they need it.

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SchoolTool was the FIRST Student Management System to get Basic Certification for ALL extracts for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years, including BOCES Certifications!

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SchoolTool Premier

SchoolTool Premier is a data analysis feature that provides everyday users with an easy way to view trends to help make better data-driven decisions.

Our Goals

SchoolTool Premier is determined to help districts access, view, and analyze data in a way that helps users spot areas of strength and find areas that may need attention in order to increase the districts’ productivity.

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How it Works

Our Dashboard Suite provides users with a way to view data and analyze trends. Each dashboard includes a base selection of data filters that can be easily modified and configured with additional custom data filters to find specific sets of students.

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The Technology

SchoolTool Premier launches from a user’s desktop with just an internet browser. Its unique design allows any user with proper access to dynamically analyze important business information without the constant involvement of an IT professional.

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