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SchoolTool Premier

Accurate Data. Informed Decisions.

SchoolTool Premier includes a suite of powerful dashboards that provide everyday users with an easy way to view trends to help make better data-driven decisions.

Our Goal

As New York State continues to increase accountability standards across the state, districts are now required to submit more data to the warehouse. These data elements include student to teacher minutes, grades, and teacher and principal information which all contribute to the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) plan. SchoolTool Premier is determined to help districts access, view, and analyze data in a way that helps users spot areas of strength and find areas that may need attention in order to increase districts’ productivity.

SchoolTool Premier improves the ability to analyze data by providing easy-to-use dashboards that give both technical and non-technical users the ability to filter and link key educational terms. By doing so, they will be able to review cross-sectional data elements.

“How can we analyze factors that contribute to dropouts so we can be proactive in keeping our current at-risk students in school?”

“How can we check student infraction data to look for trends in times, locations and types of infractions?”

“How can we trend student assessment yearly progress and analyze teacher performance?”

How it Works

Our Dashboard Suite provides users with a way to view data and analyze trends. Each dashboard includes a base selection of data filters that can be easily modified and configured with additional custom data filters to find specific sets of students. Users will be able to quickly navigate through any dashboard and obtain desired information. Once a trend is identified, SchoolTool Premier provides access to drill down to the actual students that are included in that data set.

Dashboards contain a number of interactive charts, including bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and tables that can show one or multiple ranges of data. Each chart can easily be exported to spreadsheets, documents, or PDFs for distribution.

The Technology

SchoolTool Premier launches from a user’s desktop with just an internet browser. Its unique design allows any user with proper access to dynamically analyze important business information without the constant involvement of an IT professional. All capabilities within the application are point-and-click and are easily mastered by users of varied experience levels. A user needs no familiarity with Excel or statistical-based modules to be successful with this product. SchoolTool Premier obtains data nightly from your student management system so your information is readily available for analysis.

SchoolTool Premier provides regular releases in order to get enhancements to our users as quickly as possible. With each new release, our team makes any necessary bug fixes and adds new enhancements to the product. Following each release, a reporting community meeting is held in order to show our end users what is new to the product and what they should expect to see very soon. During these meetings we solicit feedback from our users in order to continue to improve the quality of our product and make sure we are fulfilling the needs of our districts. Support and training programs are available to increase your comfort and knowledge of Premier features.

Quickly and easily analyze your district using the following dashboards:

  • Demographics: Analyze enrollment trends for proper planning of facilities, faculty, and services.
  • Attendance: View district attendance and absence types for proper aid information; analyze student performance in relation to absences.
  • Discipline: Evaluate the specific type and frequency of VADIR and DASA infractions; compare data to find any problem time periods.
  • Course Scores: Look at the district’s overall marking period and final course scores.
  • Assessments: Track and analyze all local and NYS Regents assessments; find students who have excelled and students who may need additional assistance.
  • 3-8 Assessment Data: View students’ Performance Level and Scale data for NYS 3-8 assessments.
  • User Defined Assessments: Trend any Non-NYS assessments like DIBELS or Fountas and Pinnell.
  • Benchmarks: Any districts using standard based grading can view core curriculum information.
  • Student View: Combines all of the other dashboards data for a single student view.
  • Faculty View: Combines all of the other dashboards data for a single faculty view.
  • Graduation Rate: View graduation rate and diploma type trends.
  • Comparative: Analyze student growth on assessment and course score data.
  • SLO: Track SLO target success by building, department, or teacher.