April 10th, 2018 schooltool Scavenger Hunt

The schooltool team has created a fun, interactive way for students to learn how to navigate through schooltool. This scavenger hunt is a great activity for teachers to help students learn their way around schooltool and get them involved in tracking their academic progress. Keep in mind that some of these questions are dependent on your district's configuration; feel free to customize this list based on the way your district uses schooltool. Happy hunting!


schooltool Scavenger Hunt


1. Where do you see your class schedule?

2. How do you access Help?

3. How do you access Teacher Pages?

4. Where do you go to change the layout and site colors?

5. How do you change your password?

6. Where can you find the school cycle day?

7. Where can you find a list of your last logins?

8. How do you get to the student record?

9. Where do you see grades?

10. Where can you find attendance?

11. Where can you submit or respond to Forms?

12. Where can you respond to messages teachers have sent you?

13. How do you access the student dashboard?

14. Where can you find assignment scores?

15. How can you email a teacher?

16. Where can you enter course selections?

17. Where can you print a copy of your report card?



Please email socialmedia@schooltool.com for an answer sheet! Good luck!