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  • Our Commitment to NYS
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Comprehensive Student Management Solutions

SchoolTool is a 100% web-based, student management system backed by a 100% dedicated team.

SchoolTool enables districts to seamlessly integrate multiple roles into a single intuitive interface. This provides all levels of users exactly the functionality they need, when and how they need it.

Developed Specifically for NYS Schools

SchoolTool is the FIRST student management system to get NYSED Basic Certification for ALL NYSED Extracts, including BOCES Certifications!

NYS Certifications

December 22nd, 2015Assessment Fact

October 22nd, 2015Assessment Acc Mod Fact

October 22nd, 2015Course

October 22nd, 2015Location Marking Period

October 22nd, 2015School Entry Exit

October 22nd, 2015Student Lite

 SchoolTool Premier

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  • SLO dashboard
  • comparative dashboard
  • dashboards in SchoolTool
  • Dashboards Overview

    SchoolTool Premier is our student management system plus an innovative way to view data and analyze trends. Receive data as graphs, charts, and tables and visualize the big picture in less time!

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  • SLO Dashboard

    Our SLO Dashboard gives you the ability to review existing data trends for SLO target scores and student growth. It provides visual representation that makes analyizing data fast and easy. Sort your data by department, course, teacher, or section!

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  • Comparative Dashboard

    Looking to see how students’ course scores compare to their assessment scores? Our Comparative dashboard helps you easily select two data categories for comparison. Check out our interactive graphic interface—it doesn’t get more user-friendly than this!

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  • Dashboards in schooltool

    SchoolTool Premier brings you the power to analyze student or faculty data right from the schooltool application. Review a student’s attendance and discipline trends or compare assessments to final scores for each school year. Look at yearly trends for teachers’ grading or track SLO scores and growth.

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